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2023 / 15′ / Olivia Delcán & Nacho Sánchez


Summer is over, there is a shoot, a couple, a Decathlon and they are in Menorca. It seems that everything is going to fail at any moment. During filming, the director and actress of the short is looking for an epiphany that will give meaning to her story and help her finish the film, but she realizes that, this time, miracles are not going to give her the answers she needs.

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Country: Spain

Production Company: Solita Films
Directors: Olivia Delcán y Nacho Sánchez
Script: Olivia Delcán

Running Time: 15′

Shooting Place: Menorca

Language: Spanish and Catalan

Genre: Drama


Olivia Delcán
Actress and creator. In 2015 Olivia wrote the film «Isla Bonita» with Fernando Colomo, which premiered in the Zabaltegi section of the San Sebastian Film Festival. In 2019 she directed and wrote her first play «#aboutlastnight» for the Corral de Comedias in Alcalá de Henares. As an actress, she has worked in numerous national and international film and theater productions with directors such as Guillermo Benet, Carlo Padial, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Sarah Walker, Simon Barry, Imanol Uribe, Mathias Herndl and Julián Fuentes Reta, among others.

Nacho Sánchez
Actor and scenic creator. Together with other plastic, musical and performative artists, he forms the collective Los Números Imaginarios. As an interpreter, he has worked with numerous national and international stage directors such as Lluís Pasqual, Fabrice Murgia, Pablo Messiez, Carlos Tuñón and Victor Sánchez. Among the works are «La piedra oscura» (Award for Best Revelation Actor from the Union of Actors), «Iván y los perros» (Max Award for Best Actor), «La tristeza de los ogres», «Hijos de Grecia» or «The dream of life». In the cinema he has worked with directors such as Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Carlos Vermut or Jorge Cantos.

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